Monday, March 11, 2013

My Small Business: My First Band Saw, New Horizons

Hello Readers,

Well Yesterday I finished setup of my first band saw. I started at the low end because that is what my business could afford and I am also learning the ropes. I read lots of reviews for the Ryobi Band saw from Home Depot and after some consideration and education on Band Saw tuning, I went out and bought one… That was Saturday. Turns out the one I picked was busted so after returning and swapping for store credit, traveling to a different store 20 miles away, inspecting the item in the parking lot and finally making it home I started to tune just about everything on the saw.

From calibrating the cutting deck to balancing the blade and more, I was busy for a good 2 hours. When I finally had completed balancing the bells and whistles I had before me a working Band Saw. You can imagine I wanted to try it out… so I did. I practiced on a few scraps and then filled an order of blocks I had waiting. I found I need to get a larger blade for the larger projects, but I have to say it works like a charm. Now I can design new products for my shop! How is that for excitement?
My tip for this: You are in control, but don’t get pushy.

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