Tuesday, March 12, 2013

My Small Business: Keeping Above Water and Learning to Tread... And Product Photos!

Hello Readers,
Some people get busy just doing what they do, some people get busy learning how to do it, others get busy because they allowed themselves to get that way.
Right now I’d say my process for “Product Handling Time” is working, if a customer orders a product, it is then processed and shipped normally within 3 to 6 business days of the original order.
Question: “Why not 3-5, or 1-3 days instead?”

Answer: “Because you never know how much volume you will have to pump out in a week, and if you complete your orders for the week, its nice to get ahead. However if orders come in and piggy back onto one another, then you may not have the right amount of supply, or you could very well become overwhelmed with orders.”
I guess my point would be to give yourself time, have a good gauge for how much time you need, and start treading, if you stick to it you might find yourself ahead.
Check out some pictures below! I have more products coming soon, which I am pretty darn excited about!

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