Monday, March 11, 2013

My Small Business: Making Connections

Hello Readers,

Well I got some good feedback from my previous blog entry so I decided I might as well start a new series for my new small business and chronicle the ups and downs of starting my business. Enjoy!

This weekend I made significant communications with a potential customer that would allow me to sell my items in a local co-op market. The market is for natural and organic foods as well as a small merchandise section that my stuff would be placed. I am hoping to make a deal on this, even if I don’t make a ton of profit on the deal because I would be selling at “wholesale” prices. The customer indicated they were interested in some other sizes too, so I will be expanding my product line. I just released a pricing table to the customer today so I hope I get some feedback tomorrow on making a date to show the products in person. All is well on a days work, till next time!

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