Thursday, December 27, 2012

Child safe blocks!

Hello Readers!

These 22 blocks are what I made for my daughter as a Christmas gift. They are all 1.5x1.5 and are sanded down around the edges to round. They are poplar and are coated with a natural bees wax for a finish.

First Cutting boards

Hello Readers!

My first cutting boards! This cutting board is 3/4 inch maple. Its dimensions are 7.5'' x 11'' for the larger board and 6'' x 8'' for the cheese board. I used food safe mineral to treat the finished product and protect it. Enjoy!

Crochet box: Design

It was quite the job putting this altogether! I designed this with many iterative sketches just so I could get it just right. 

I started out with a blank canvas for this project, I really didn’t know what I was going to build as a Christmas gift, but I knew that my wife had started doing a lot of crochet work, and that she really didn’t have a set place for all your supplies, plans and materials. So eventually I sketched what you see to the left. If you look at the finished product and this sketch you can see there had been quite a few changes made. I had initially thought of putting nearly a dozen drawers on the outside of this box with a spool rack inside of the box top behind a screen of some sort.

Christmas Gift: Crochet Box

Hello Readers!

I had a lot of fun building this project. This Christmas I put this box together for my wife as shee had recently got into crochet crafting. This box took a good few weeks as I had to work around her being at the house and me not having my own workshop, but I got the job done. Not pictured is the braided cord I used to make a stop chain (added after photos taken).

Don't forget to check out the design sketches here: Crochet Box Design Sketches

Tuesday, December 4, 2012