Monday, March 11, 2013

My Small Business: Accounting, We All Love to Hate it...

Hello Readers,

It sure has been a busy time for me, after my direct sale to The Cornerstone Bookstore I recieved several orders which really gave me quite a time at making sure I had the time to complete everything. In the end I did, and I finally found the right handling time that would work for both me and the customers.

I’d like to also draw attention to accounting… For some, this process can be daunting and tedious. But I suggest for anyone who is going to own a business, that they better set up an accounting process at the beginning! Because of my background in IT, I had a intermediate knowledge of how to use excel and the formulas within to make my accounting process as smooth as freshly sanded end grain cutting boards… Currently I account all sales for outside and inside my state (you don’t owe sales tax on internet sales out of state), all customer information, customer trends yada yada and a whole lot more.
Take a look at a snapshot of my accounting sheet from a few weeks ago:

I have been able to turn this into a fun process and I highly suggest (if you can’t make your own) to get accounting software of some kind. I really like mine because I am able to customize it to myself. Well my child is tearing through something and I must go.

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